Upstairs Yoga is a boutique-style studio in the heart of Coral Gables that seeks to meet the needs of a diverse community and bring people together! Upstairs Yoga is a creative space for all who crave a healthy lifestyle of increased self-awareness and equanimity. Instruction is given with a mentoring style approach, so that students of all levels have individual attention with room to move, build and maintain strength, flexibility and self-awareness.

Upstairs Yoga provides a supportive environment for all, helping first time yogis reach personal goals and providing a safe and healthy environment for teen yogis.

Teen Yoga classes encourage young adults to understand the virtues of life — kindness, honesty, courage, and wisdom — through yoga. All classes give attention to alignment, technique, and the breath. There is a focus on process, allowing each student to find their own way through the practice and enjoy the “journey” as they go.



Joanne Barrett

Owner & teacher, Joanne Barrett, is a Miami-based artist and yoga studio owner with disciplines in modern dance, contact improvisation, and Ashtanga Yoga. She is passionate about teaching, moving, creating, and bringing people together. She has taught dance and composition at Pineapple Dance studios in London, Florida International University, Broward College, the Florida Dance Festival, Excello, Jill Mallory Studio of Dance, Inkub8, Magaly Suarez’s the art of classical ballet, and The Harid Conservatory. Joanne has toured professionally as a dancer throughout Europe, South America, Japan, and Australia. Joanne received her yoga teacher training in 2009 with Marisa Gallardo in the style of Ashtanga Vinyasa Method and “YOGA Ed. K-12” with  Jill Rapperport.  Since then she has been sharing her love for yoga at schools, parks, and dance studios.


Colleen Banet

Colleen Yoga teacher
Colleen teaches a mixed level viniyoga class to de-stress, strengthen, and lengthen. Students flow through a deliberate series of asanas (poses) to develop firmness, balance, and flexibility while cultivating both physical and mental discipline. The foundations of this guided practice are rooted in pranayama breathing techniques and vinyasa movement. Over time, the student develops a profound awareness and a greater sense of purpose, power, and peace.

Colleen Banet first started teaching in Okinawa, Japan while enlisted in the US Army, where she received her RYT with an emphasis on power and hatha yoga (2008). As a sergeant, she provided yoga fundamentals during physical training to soldiers. Since her enlistment, she has continued instructing all age ranges in Illinois, New Mexico, Southern California, and most recently, Miami, Florida.

Kameron Cole

KameronKameron Cole started studying Hatha Yoga as a child, in 1970, and has maintained his personal commitment to the healing art of yoga asana for over 30 years. He has also invested thousands of hours in study of the methodology of Joseph Pilates, and Qi Gong. In support of these movement modalities, Kameron has completed college courses in anatomy and physiology. Kameron has also studied dance since high school, including ballet, modern, jazz, and break dancing.

Kameron has devoted his life to the study of world religions and philosophy, including Zen Buddhism, Tantric Kudalinii, Q’balah, and Christology, which he uses to deepen his physical practices. In his college yeqrs, he played music with the Hare Krsna.

Kameron has been a musician his entire life.  He plays piano, organ,cello, guitar, bass, drums, including jimbe, conga, berimbau,, tabla and dumbak. He plays harmonium, shakuhatchi flute, and bulbul tarang in yoga classes to support chanting.

On the side, Kameron is  complex solutions architect for IBM.  He has a BA in Music, an MA in Computational Linguistics, and a BA in Computer Science.

Sandra L. Portal-Andreu

Sandra GyroSandra is faculty member in the Theatre Division a the New World School of the Arts where she concentrates on movement for Theatre. She is a certified trainer in GYRONKINESIS™ for over 10 years.

Jill Rapperport

jillOne of Miami’s holistic community’s gems, Jill Rapperport,  infuses her programs with a combination of wisdom from several deeply healing traditions:  Yoga, meditation, sound healing, NLP, Akashic records, shamanic energy medicine and Reiki.  She is the founder and creator of the Shamanic Sound Bowl Healing ceremony, and will give you a taste this profoundly relaxing program.  If you suffer from anxiety, depression, or just an over active mind and life, stressful body, you will benefit from this demonstration.  She is also the founder and creator of The Rapperport Method of and Yoki,  a program of yoga, creative movement and mindfulness practices for children Pre-K through 8th Grade, and their parents, teachers and caregivers.

Matt Smith

mattMatt Smith has been playing drums for over 34 years. Since graduating from Berklee College of Music in 1993 he has had a successful career playing worldwide, with such artists as Charro, John Davidson, members of the Buddy Rich Big Band and the Stan Kenton Orchestra, and touring bands in the styles of ska/reggae, rock, and gospel. He has worked for Carnival Cruise Lines, Disney World, and played as a pit drummer for musicals in Orlando, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. He also spent many years as a private music teacher. Although drum set is his main instrument he has studied many different hand drums as well from djembe to darbouka to frame drums and congas. This wide variety of ethnic styles comes across in his playing and teaching. He also brings his hand drum talents to dance classes in the Miami area. He is also the founder of Playtime Drums which is a group drumming business for wellness for the elderly, adults, and leadership training programs for kids. Matt has worked with Florida International University, the National Achievers Society, and local schools creating leaders through the use of drums. His philosophy is: play drums, have fun, feel good!

Gretchen Suarez

gretchen_imageIn her “previous” life, Gretchen was a marketing consultant at a large prestigious company. She had a great position with the salary to match but at the end of the day, was curiously unfulfilled.  In her quest for balance and contentment she started studying meditation, Kundalini Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga. Although it was the most irrational decision she had ever made in her life, it was a decision born from her heart. She decided to devote her life to helping people through eastern techniques that have helped millions of people increase physical and mental health.  She traveled to  Mysore, India and had the honor to study Ashtanga Yoga with the master and Guru Sri K Pattabis Jois (Guruji). She is one of the few teachers that received Authorization to teach this method by Guruji and Sharath. Gretchen has been teaching yoga for over 15 years and has dedicated her life to help people develop positive coping skills to better manage stress and increase well-being.

Gretchen graduated with her Masters in Psychology. She is a RMHCI and works with clients in a psychotherapeutic environment offering a unique blend of eastern and western therapeutic techniques to help clients heal, transform and increase well-being.

Kristin Vivo

KristinVivoCompassionate, playful, and intelligent: these are 3 characteristics that describe our resident attorney, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, and yoga teacher, Kristin Vivo. Her personality traits are reflected in her unique yoga classes. Whether it be through a traditional Vinayasa flow sequence or a challenging athletic sequence accompanied to Bossa Nova, Kristin strives to stimulate her students mentally and physically. As a competitive swimmer for over 12 years, Kristin’s physical fitness history makes her an ideal teacher for connecting with athletes and students who are injured or new to yoga; she demystifies yoga to make sure that yoga is accessible and understandable to all of her students.

Kristin completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2012, under Ana Margaret Sanchez’s loving guidance and has been teaching regularly ever since. Her goal as a yoga teacher is to introduce yoga to as many yogis and yoginis as she can. She feels that the sooner one learns about and practices yoga, the sooner one can improve his/her athletic performance and overall physical well being, as well as balance any mental and/or spiritual imbalances present in one’s life. “Arise; take up the path of yoga!” (The Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 4, Verse 42)


AEC v1.0.4

* Free class when attending the Sunday 11am class.

ASHTANGA BASICS A slower paced class covering the fundamental postures and techniques of Ashtanga Yoga. This course is recommended for those who are new to yoga or new to the Ashtanga yoga method.

GUIDED HALF PRIMARY Students are taken through a part of the Ashtanga primary series as a group. This includes sun salutations, standing postures, some seated postures, backbends, and finishing postures. Although all are welcome, the guided class is most appropriate for students with some yoga experience.

LUNCHTIME YOGA is an hour of power yoga, combining breath and movement into sequences that are challenging and fun. There is enough time to chill before getting back to your day, and grab a fresh juice on the way out! Bring a towel!

MOVEMENT/IMPROVISATION is a movement based dance class with centering exercises and improvisational structures. It is available to all levels of dancers or improvisers with at least 5 years experience.

This class is a workout. That is, most of the instruction is through demonstration: the teacher does the exercises with the class, commenting as needed. We do all 34 exercises contained in Joseph Pilates’ Return to Life (Through Contrology), in order, from start to finish.

This is much like a “led” Ashtanga class – one learns the exercises over time, or through independent study. The class should flow. The movements never vary. With each class, one deepens one’s understanding of the principles, and of one’s own body.

PRANAYAMA  “Prana” is Breath or vital energy in the body; the life force , and “ayama” means control or extension. Pranayama is controlling and expanding the breath. This practice will help achieve a healthy body and mind, and prepare the student for meditation.

TEEN ASHTANGA focuses on linking breath and postures, and learning the sequencing of the Ashtanga Vinyasa method. This is a class for the Teen who wants a physically challenging practice, and is commited to 2-3x a week. Best for ages 15-19 yrs.

TWEEN VINYASA YOGA is designed as a workshop type class with a theme. The class  promotes unification of body and mind. It aims to increase awareness and the ability to look within, think for yourself, and trust yourself. The poses feel good and are fun.  Best for ages 11-14/15

VINIYOGA This is a mixed level class to de-stress, strengthen, and lengthen. Students flow through a deliberate series of asanas (poses) to develop firmness, balance, and flexibility while cultivating both physical and mental discipline. The foundations of this guided practice are rooted in pranayama breathing techniques and vinyasa movement. Over time, the student develops a profound awareness and a greater sense of purpose, power, and peace.

VINYASA This class combines the structure of the  Ashtanga Vinyasa method with an  attention to alignment and heart opening poses. The sequencing and linking of breath and movement will strengthen, purify, and tone the body. It is a physical practice, open to all levels.

This class is inspired by the Ashtanga method, while encouraging students to explore more challenging poses, hip and shoulder opening poses, and fun.

VINYASA/STRETCH is a 60 minute class that will stretch out the body and wake up the mind!! This class is perfect way to start the day and feel ready for anything! Sweating included!!



Single Yoga Class with Joanne Viniyoga Class with Colleen
  $15  BUY NOW   $15 (Package Discounts)
Yoga with Joanne – STUDENT PRICE*
Pilates Mat Class with Kameron
  $12 or 10 classes for $100  ONLINE ONLY   $15  BUY NOW
Dance Class with Joanne Gyrokinesis with Sandra
  $15  BUY NOW   $15  BUY NOW
Self-Practice Sunday Mysore with Gretchen (by appt.)
  $10  BUY NOW    ashtangayogamiami.com
 * For college, high school, and middle school students. Private Session with Joanne (1 hour)
  $75  BUY NOW

Upstairs Yoga can be rented for dance/theater rehearsals. The rehearsal space is 23 × 17 sq. ft.
of bamboo floor with beautiful natural light. There is also a small kitchen, bathroom, and
lounge area. Call 786-493-9458 or email for more details.


Nov. 15th and 16th - Meditation Workshop with John Churchill

Save the dates — Nov. 15th & 16th, 9am-5pm!

You won’t want to miss this life-changing workshop. More details to follow.


“Joanne is a beautiful teacher who knows the body well and constructs a well thought out yoga and dance class. Thumbs up for Upstairs Yoga.”
- Karen Peterson Corash

“I love that Upstairs Yoga is such a welcoming place for my son to go after school! If he gets there before class starts, there is a lounge space where he can do homework, hang out with his friends, or just relax. After class, Joanne encourages her students to hang out for a while and have a healthy snack.”
- Amy Renshaw

“Had my second yoga class at upstairs yoga today and I feel wonderful. Joanne is a truly exceptional teacher who inspires challenges and relaxes you at the same time and there is always special attention dedicated to the need of each person. I love the calm atmosphere and the light and fresh breeze! So happy she is finally a stable addition to our neighborhood!
Barbara Colonna


3119 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Unit A, Coral Gables FL 33134


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